Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Newly Renovated: FREE FUMES!

If you're looking to travel to Boston, may I suggest the newly renovated Hampton Inn in Peabody. Conveniently located off Route 1, this once trashy, dump off the highway has been remodeled. Yes, it's certainly a privledge to stay here now - they must have just finished painting and laying carpet before I walked in. There's the overbearing smell of new carpet glue (similar to the toxic fumes that escape when you burn plastic in the campfire), combined with a refreshing hint of paint. I was going to go out and get some dinner, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to operate heavy machinery after being in this room more than 1 hour. If I slip into a coma, come get my body in Rm 523 (wear your grubbies - don't want to get paint on your church clothes).
I'll just keep touching my fingertip to my nose and saying the alphabet backwards to make sure the fumes aren't affecting me too much.


Ruth said...

RYC: Um, yeah, I'll look forward to that package. :)
I almost called you yesterday...have a favor to ask. But I put it off. Of course I probably should have to jerk you out of your fume-induced stupor. Hope it didn't kill TOO many brain cells.

CJ said...

You need to be sure and hop on one foot at the same time. Just the backwards alphabet isn't always enough to maintain consciousness. And if you can manage to slip in a couple choruses of a Kelly Clarkson song while you're at it, that also helps sometimes...in my experience anyways.