Saturday, September 05, 2015

Solo road trip to Tahoe

I recently took a solo road trip and vacation. I realized as I drove through Nevada (perhaps the most boring part of Interstate 80, with the drive through Nebraska as a close second) that driving by yourself in a car is sort of like a traveling insane asylum. You're in your own little confined space with padded walls, harnessed in, and bored out of your mind. You end up singing and talking to yourself trying to pass the time, with more time than you've ever had to think....and sit and do pretty much nothing.
Every once in a while you get to get out of your "cell" and get some fresh air. I found myself breaking free of my harness, slipping out of the car and locking the doors behind me and hoping no one messes with my stuff or notices I'm gone.  A quick break, and I jump back into the car and re-harness myself. Then I began to pass people I had already passed on the highway and I wonder if they're thinking
"Hey, did you get out?"
"No, I've always been here...see, I'm still harnessed doors are locked"
I've digressed. Anyway, it was a long trip and I felt like my sentence was over when I arrived in Lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe is an amazing place, and a great way to end my long journey in a confined space. It's a mix between outdoorsy adventures and beauty, with the man-made traps of casinos to take advantage of the people who want to sacrifice being mesmerized by sitting in front of machines. Most of them probably work long hours at an office sitting in front of computers and they most likely sat for hours as they drove or sat on a plane....only to sit inside in front of computers for hours, except now they're paying for it instead of getting paid for it. I don't get it.
I hit a gambler with my car as she crossed the street, but I didn't really feel bad because when she got up that morning, she said to herself, "I'm going to take some risks and see what happens today. I make take a hit or pass, but either way I'll have fun." I mean, really, she knew what she was in for when her day started. She was on a good run, so I cashed her out. No, seriously, I didn't hit any gamblers and I didn't gamble myself. Just hung out and enjoyed an amazing resort, live music, and some great food.
Lake Tahoe is definitely a great vacation spot, with pretty reasonable prices on food and lodging, plus tons of different activities (yes, including gambling). I had to get use to constantly crossing from California to Nevada, divided down the middle of Lake Tahoe. So, you can walk down the street with liquor (Nevada side) and once you cross Stateline Street, you're suddenly breaking the law. Go figure. Anyway, I managed to get away without any tickets for drinking or speeding on my way there. If you're looking for a great spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors, put Lake Tahoe on your list.