Saturday, June 07, 2008

All the facts add up - I should be smarter

I recently realized I had all the tools growing up that I needed to make me smarter, I just forgot to use them. I started off with a classic toy - the Speak and Spell. Although I could have learned how to spell words and hear sounds with it, instead I plugged in dirty words just to hear a computer say them back. Hilarious by the way - totally worth it. Then I decided it was time to downsize. Yeah, I had this pretty cool calculator watch starting at about 6th grade. It was larger than the back side of my wrist and I probably could have slid it up past my bicept on a cold day. It could do pretty much anything (at the time) but I'm not sure if I ever used the calculator function on it. No, instead I was busy making notes about how much money people owed me from when I let them borrow lunch money and filling up the phone book function with all my friends names and telephone numbers. I think this momentous piece of equipment was also responsible for launching my parttime career of unsuccessful pickup lines like, "My calculator watch has room for you." When I got bored, I would put other numbers in there too, like the library (even though I never went to the library - another missed opportunity for education). Anyway, fast forward another 7 years and I went to college. Another great opportunity to get smarter...but I was a communications major. I know, it just keeps getting worse. Finally, I worked at a publishing company for 5.5 years...but I didn't like reading. So, here I am - ready for smartness to occur. Maybe I'll make a point of using the technology and resources I have to assist in my smarter marathon. For instance, this past year I started playing the Wii instead of xbox. I think I get some points for that...or at least more excercise.