Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Improv for all! Colorado Springs School Show coming JAN 26

So, after hearing that our improv group (Stick Horses in Pants) wouldn't be performing again at the Broadmoor Hotel until Easter weekend, we decided to book some shows of our own. We have partnered with the Colorado Springs School and will perform 5 improv shows. Starting JAN 26th, we will be on the 4th Saturday of each month through April 2008. Here are the actual dates:

Saturday, JAN 26th, 7:00PM
Saturday, FEB 23rd, 7:00PM
Saturday, MAR 22nd, 7:00PM
Saturday, APR 26th, 7:00PM
Saturdat, MAY 24th, 7:00PM

Doors open at 6:40 and we will be charging admission of $8.00/person. Discounts are available for families and students of Colorado Springs School. This is family friendly entertainment, audience suggestion improv. We make it all up as we go, based on your suggestions! Often, the bigger the audience the better the show because of the energy and variety of creative suggestions. We're doing our best to provide some unique and inexpensive entertainment to the Colorado Springs community.

Join our Facebook Group (Watching Stick Horses in Pants Improv makes my cheeks hurt laughing...Group) for the latest updates and news on The Stick Horses in Pants.

Please come join us and support us! Put the dates on your calendar now - we're excited to see you there!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thinking back, TV shows saved my life

We're so funny as kids - we create the weirdest games with our siblings and friends, and somehow they are fun and become tradition. In fact, many times the rules are "unspoken" but you just KNOW what you can and can't do.
For instance, when my brother and I would watch TV growing up, we played a little game. It doesn't have a name, so we'll call it "Beat to Death in 2.5 Minutes." Basically, whenever we were watching TV together, at the start of any commercial break we would start wrestling. It could be dangerous, because if you didn't "see the commercial coming," you would suddenly receive a blow to the head, tackle from behind, or a shoe flying through the air in your direction. We would absolutely ravage each other for the 2.5 minute commercial break, but as soon as the show started you had to stop whatever you were doing. This factor often saved my life as my brother was crushing me under his 200 pound body while he laughed as he made me punch myself with my own hands (I hated that one - I could never figure out how to stop it when he grabbed me by the wrist and made me punch my own face). Thankfully, as soon as GI Joe, Ducktales, or C.H.i.P.S came back on my life was suddenly extended for another good 15 minutes. Sometimes it amazes me I made it through childhood. Oh, yeah...sorry if you didn't know this, mom. This is how the wall got punctured in the kitchen. My head got crushed between Chad's massive body and the drywall.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tax season makes me wish someone would be my personal assistant....for free.

Well, I have to say I'm glad the Christmas season is over....and actually, I'm glad 2007 is over too. It was a rough year for various reasons. One, it was absolutely my worst driving year ever with numerous accidents, fender benders, towing bills, speeding tickets, and car scratches.
So, welcome to 2008. I still need to sit down and write out some specific goals, but one will be to keep in better touch with people, both business contacts and personal relationships. I go through phases with my friends and acquaintances where I'm really bad at contacting and staying in touch with them.
Another goal will be better organization. Already, on the first day of the New Year, I start thinking about tax season. Yep, I've got 3.5 months to get my hundreds of receipts and expenses organized so I can write them off and figure out how much money I lost this year. The good news is I know where most of my receipts are: the glove box in my car, a shoe box in my room, spread across my desk at home, in a blue folder at work, and scattered through my briefcase. It shouldn't be hard....crap, yeah it will.