Thursday, February 09, 2006

Embarrassing Photos: Part 1

Ahhhh, the 80's. Okay, 1987 to be exact. I was in 3rd grade and apparently cowboy shirts and fluffy flattop hair was "in". Of course, there is always the possibility that neither of these cutting edge fashions were "in", but that was my life. The sad news is, this was picture day so I probably looked better than usual. Obviously, I didn't bother getting a hair cut - I guess I was just so excited about picture day at school that I didn't bother. Some people commented at this point in my life, I looked like IceMan from the popular movie, Top Gun.
I used to whistle while I walked - not for fun, or even on purpose. It just happened when the air blew through the large holes where my teeth used to be. Thankfully, I still had my rabbit teeth up front. Memories.


Ruth said...

RYC: I have one word for you today...and it is SLACKER.
Seriously, though, after 2 whole seconds of self-reflection I must admit that I'm just bitter I didn't have the idea first. I am trying to hold out thru the SHORTEST month of the year until the vacation I already scheduled in March gets here. Right now I'm LIVING for March, LOL.
I was going to give you a hard time today about not visiting my blog, in, oh, EONS (especially since I heard from Tamara L. again) but you must've sensed a potential disturbance in the force...hence the comment...either that or I'm really stretching and you just wanted to rub in the fact that you took off of work.
Have a good weekend!
PS: I thought you were supposed to BRING the nice weather with you. :)
PPS: Nice picture. :)

Adrienne said...

This could prove to be rather embarrassing particularly if you don't remember me. Oddly enough, I remember you and that picture from CSCS. Yours was the only name I remember from the 3 years I was at CSCS, so I decided to look you up on facebook. I noticed your blog, and clicked on the childhood memories tab in an effort to make sure this is the same Toby Lorenc I went to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade with. I do hope you don't mind, and if you'd like, please feel free to add me as a friend on fb. Hope you've been well all these years. God be with you!

Adrienne (Saxon) Kansiewicz