Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seattle Now Home to a Popular Attraction: Toby

Well, after 5 months of not working I've taken a huge step and continued not to work. Here's a quick recap to catch you up:

After multiple job opportunities falling through, I decided to find myself a city first, then find a job. I was ready to quit my current job for multiple reasons, but when my brother was scheduled for surgery in November in upstate Montana, it was the deciding factor. I made the long drive with my dad just a week after I had quit my job and a day after I bought my 3rd car within a 5 month period (that's another story). We drove up and stayed in Montana for two long weeks (long because it was stinkin' cold). After returning, I started traveling in the hopes of finding a city and to see various relatives, attend weddings, etc. Dallas, Omaha, Des Moines, Hilton Head were some of the main destinations with many stops along the way since I was driving on most of these trips.
During this time, I had a friend tell me about an opportunity to live in an apartment in Seattle (Capitol Hill) for 3 months. The owner went to Portugal and wanted someone to stay in his place while he was gone through the end of June. It didn't take me long to say "yes" and figure it out from there.

I arrived Sunday night after 2 long days of driving. Unpacking didn't take long as I just brought the necessities but adjusting to a new life will take a while. Here are some of the things I'm not used to:
1) Living in a busy downtown area, directly off a bustling street
Kitchen2) Getting into our apartment means going through 3 locked doors. Don't loose your keys!
3) Fighting for downtown parking so you can go home.
4) So......it's a one bedroom. Containers and boxes down the middle gives us each our own area but quarters are a little tight. I haven't lived in the same room with someone since college.
5) This is my favorite: I have to sit to pee. The owner is a little particular about a few things, one being "splashback" on the wood floors in the bathroom so he's asked us in various instructions to sit down when we take a piss (I'm sure you noticed the pic at the top of the post - that is taped to the toilet tank to remind us).
6) It's chilly up here, but it's beautiful. Everything is incredibly green and bloomed already in mid-April.
7) Hearing everyone I tell them I'm living in Seattle, say: "Oh, it rains there all the time"
8) Living in walking distance of anything I need or want (breweries, stores, entertainment, restaurants, etc).
9) walking home with groceries and having to pay for grocery bags if you don't have your own
10) a very old, quirky building which means: no dishwasher or laundry in my unit. It also means half our windows "look out" on a brick wall to the next building 5ft away.

BathroomMy rommate (Matt) and I spent Monday getting keys made, shopping for groceries, and setting up our living space. He got here about 2 weeks before me, so he's already done a great job of setting it up. Also, he has a friend here who is oddly enough dating a girl I graduated high school with. Small world. We went out to dinner with them last night at Hopvine Pub in Capitol Hill, just a few blocks from our front door. Today, I'm online looking for some ways to earn money plus I went on a long (2hr +) walk through the city to get familiar with the area. There's lots to see and some absolutely amazing homes. The city is laid out as well, including multiple parks like the one across the street from our apartment.

Anyway, I intend of keeping a regular journal of my adventures here in Seattle if you'd like to keep up with me. Probably the best way is to use the links to the right to Follow By Email or RSS feeds. I will post these to Facebook occasionally too.

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