Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meeting people and knowing no one: A humbling experience

Most of you know me as an outgoing, funny guy that everyone likes. Most of that is right :) but I'll have to admit I've never been in a situation like I am here in Seattle. It's amazing how my life has suddenly shifted from knowing everyone around me, getting invites to parties and gatherings, and having to choose what events I can make it to on a weekend night - to - knowing no one. I'm now forced to figure out ways to meet people, create friendships, and let people know I exist in a huge community I could very easily get lost and go unnoticed.
So, it begs a question, how do you meet people? How to you build relationships and expand your circle of friends? I know in Colorado Springs I became too comfortable in my circles and didn't often make the effort to reach out further than my comfort zone. Now, even after 10 days here, I'm convicted to be more intentional to welcome new people to my circles. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and for the first time I'm having to experience being the new guy in a city, and quite honestly, it sucks. I'm open for suggestions and ideas how to build my social circles so I can do more than just sit around the house, sit along in a coffee shop, or walk the streets aimlessly.
Granted, there are plenty of homeless people around here that seem really friendly and always talk to me as I walk by, I'm hoping for some friendships and relationships that are a bit more.....sane. It is nice to have a roommate here from Colorado, so we're able to explore and discover new places together. Plus, I have a friend from high school here, so we've been able to connect and she's introduced me to some of her friends. It's still a bit depressing to only meet 1 or 2 new people a day. I've got to find some larger events where I can meet multiple people, hopefully cool people. The extrovert in me is getting anxious and annoyed.

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