Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 1: People and places of Seattle and so much more to learn

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Hard to believe I've already been in Seattle a week today. It's been a busy week of exploring and figuring out where to shop, dine, and park. I've already caved and done the touristy Pike Place Market which was a pretty cool spot at sunset on Friday night.
It's about a 30 minute walk from my apartment which is nice because it's close, but I'm not right in the heart of downtown craziness on a daily basis.
There are plenty of interesting people here indeed, from hipsters to homeless and they're all equally as amusing to watch. Here are some highlights:
*I watched a homeless woman throw down all her stuff on the curb, drop her pants and start peeing right in front of me
*I live a block from some sort of mental treatment facility, so there are often people at the park across the street from our front room window waving their arms wildly in the air, shouting obscenities, and having interactions with themselves and others which are hard to explain.
*A black guy at a brewery down the street from my apartment who had on his Ray Charles shades inside, along with a funky hat. He looked like a jazz musician. As soon as I sit down, he gave me a fist bump (not sure why) then he started talking and I didn't understand a word he said. We just kept laughing together, I'm sure for some reason that he knew but I was in the dark.
....I'm not sure I can even capture some of the other experiences in words, but more to come, I promise.
I've also had a chance to go out with my old high school friend and her boyfriend a few times, most recently last night for his birthday. A fun night of thai food in Capitol Hill and bowling after up in Lake City (my first time up there). I also for the first time threw a bowling ball and hit the gate (the metal thing that goes down after you bowl). They weren't particularly happy, but I hit restart multiple times and nothing happened, so the next logical thing seemed to be throwing a ball to reset it. Bad timing.
Anyway, still keeping my eyes and ears open for a job and doing my best to meet new people and network. It's weird being in a city where I don't know anyone and takes a little more energy and effort to be social.

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