Sunday, February 12, 2012

So that was awkward...

We had an improv show last night and we made the mistake (without knowing that Whitney Houston had just died) about asking for someone who had been in the news lately.  Someone immediately yelled out, "Whitney Houston" and broke the news to us during our show.
The rule of improv comedy is taking the first suggestion you receive, so we took it.  I had the "privileged" of portraying Whitney Houston in The Dating Game and we made the best of it.  When asked, "I like to travel. Do you like to travel?" I responded with, "Well, I traveled today.  I went far away, and I won't be back.  But I will always love you."  It was a little tough to be sensitive to the situation and still portray the character.
Anyway, sincerely, we'll miss you Whitney.  I have to admit- I had some Whitney CD's growing up and she was definitely a talented artist.

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