Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kona: A force to be reckoned with

I love my little puppy Kona and thank goodness she's not the destructive little force she used to be.  I had never owned my own dog before, just family pets so I let my parents take care of all the problems and training.  I live in a townhome, so I held off getting a dog for a long time.  It's not an ideal situation - no yard, every potty break becomes a long walk, etc.  But I'm glad I got her.
But I will say,  it hasn't always been easy.  Early on, she enjoyed chewing things up. From speaker wires to a couple sage green throw pillows. I once left her alone for just a few hours and I guess the separation anxiety got to her. My roommate had just purchased one of these lowes synthetic and jute aubusson carved rugs (basically an indoor /outdoor rug which can withstand pretty much anything except for the Jaws of Kona) and we came home to small little fibers spread throughout the house, plus some interesting poop for the next few days.
But truthfully, she's helped me get more organized.  You have to be responsible with a little puppy! Both with your time and your surroundings. I started by buying a muscle rack 5 shelf super storage rack to organize all her food, toys, treats, and dog stuff.  Pretty soon I was doing all kinds of home improvement projects, because once you start, you can't stop!
More than that, I rescued her from a shelter (some might say I bought her used).  She's a good companion and also inspires me to exercise more so she doesn't get fat (yeah, so SHE doesn't get fat.  I may or may not have a beer gut).

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