Saturday, January 28, 2012

The World of Chick-Fil-A

There's nothing like waking up and heading to Chick-fil-a for breakfast in Colorado Springs (well, except on Sunday). I love CFA, even after being a previous employee.  Yep, total nerd Toby worked there with his calculator watch and thick, gold framed eyeglasses days. It totally beat my Chuck E Cheese days, but that's another story.
The CFA experience just makes me laugh sometimes.  It always catches me off guard when then say, "My pleasure."  Sometime, I just want to respond, "Well, thanks for pleasuring me" and see their reaction.
The drive thru is also comical to me.  I guess it's efficient (unlike Wendy's), but I always crack up when I see the employees awkwardly walking, then running, then slowing down, then jogging next to the car windows in the drive-thru line all while taking the customers' orders. Then, quickly calling the order into their fancy little headsets and moving along to the next car.  I never know what to do - drive slow? Stop? Speed up really quickly and see if they can catch up? I don't have the best driving record, so I'm a bit concerned I'll take one of them out with my car someday.
That's why I usually venture inside, were I'll have table service with drink refills every 10 minutes and over eager employees taking away my tray before I've scooped up that last glob of ketchup with my remaining fry. I have to say, it's nice that they're attentive, but sometimes I go for fast food because I want to be left alone! I don't know - I'm hard to please I guess.
Anyway, there's no point to this story other than my rantings.

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