Monday, April 04, 2011

Handyman Connection: A fulfilling weekend of pain and dead things

My time in the crawl space this weekend was a time to take deep breaths of asbestos, meditate on things I'd rather be doing, and practice hot yoga as I squatted in weird positions and twisted my body to access hard to reach pipes and vents.  I also: practiced pain management as I snagged my arms on nails, tested my body's resilience to poison as I endured spider bites, and had the opportunity to use my anger management skills as I tried to reconnect a dryer vent. I opened my eyes to a whole new world of nature - leaves, twigs, lint, and other debris that was filling the dryer vent which I had to empty out before reattaching it.  Sadly, I also had to witness the cycles of life on both ends of the spectrum, as I knocked down newly formed spiders nests filled with tiny eggs to cleaning up mice carcasses filled with maggots. Man, I'm lucky to have a life full of such amazing experiences.


Jon C. Fibbs said...

Touching post man. Truly. Zen and the art of home maintenance. Hope your recovery is quick. Thanks for sharing.


Kelsey Donahue said...

Gross. I'm sure you showed those spiders whose boss.