Friday, November 04, 2005

Jarhead - Keep your money

I was one of the few that went and saw Jarhead tonight at the theater. If you have $8 in your pocket that you don't want, here are a couple of options instead of going to Jarhead: 1) Send it to me 2) go buy a lotto ticket 3) simply flush it (not recommended). Basically, I thought the movie would be a little more action-oriented. Rather, it shows the life of a Marine during Operation Desert Storm. If they had taken out all the language and sex scenes, it would have been a rather short and dull film. Instead, it was long, dull, and crass. I just wanted to go to a movie and I thought it looked like the only decent one out right now - I was wrong.
It cetainly shows you the mundane life and daily activities of soldiers "waiting for war" and how that literally drives them insane. And, I guess if it's important to you, you get to see this no-name actor with his shirt off. Unfortunately, you get to see a lot more than that. REALLY - send me your money.

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Ruth said...

I do not consider myself a fan of Jake Gyllenhal (sp?). I've got an even BETTER idea instead of sending you $$ I'll keep my $8 bucks and go see Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire on 11/18. Methinks that's an excellent plan! ;-)