Thursday, November 03, 2005

Always up for something new

Well, I DJ'd a wedding tonight - that's a first. I used to be a radio DJ in college and I've emceed various events, but never a wedding. It was a small wedding so I was actually the sound guy too (which I didn't know until I arrived). No problem. I'm always up for a challenge. The bride would probably freak out if she new before hand that I had never set up sound equipment by myself. I just showed up and started plugging wires into various sockets in which they looked like they might fit. It's like that toy you had when you were a kid where you have to fit the right shape into the right space. Yeah. I've learned that if you don't know what you're doing, just do it confidently and no one knows:) Anyway, I guess it was a success because it went smoothly, people had a good time, and I got lots of compliments. So, I guess I have a new talent. Anyone need a DJ?

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Ruth said...

You have some seriously impressive skills, Toby. If I started randomly plugging wires into a sound board one of two things would most likely happen: I'd either electrocute myself (or God forbid some innocent bystander) or I'd short out the sound board and have to live with the CRUSHING GUILT of wrecking someone's wedding reception. ;-)