Sunday, September 23, 2007

Treo 700pos

I always thought the "p" in Treo 700p stood for "Palm", but I'm pretty sure it stands for POS. I specifically didn't get the 700w (the Windows based version) because I didn't want my phone crashing all the time. Yeah...I really side-stepped that landmine.

Anyone else have one of these? Apparently, it's a phone but I wouldn't know because it doesn't ring. People call and it just goes straight to voicemail. It also likes to shut down randomly and reset itself. But I know it's working when I talk on it, because it heats up like a hot piece of bacon fresh off the frying pan. If I talk too long, I can barely stand to hold it in my hand and against my face. That's right - that redness isn't a sunburn on the right side of my face, it's my phone slowly frying my skin. I also have problems with the voice quality - people on the other end always say, "It sounds like you're in a tunnel!" Many of my friends believe I'm homeless because of this. It's affecting my life.

I've called customer support many times within the year that I've had this phone. Each time, of course, I get a different person (usually from India) and they all tell me something different. One guy told me, "Yeah, you just have to pop off the battery and shut down the phone every night. That should fix it." Oooohhh, of course! Thanks! Everytime I talk to customer service, I realize it's a useless conversation.

Maybe I'll switch back to the old "brick phones" that we used to have in the 80's. Remember those? They were huge - bigger than a normal house phone, but at least they were 10 pounds of reliability. As for my Treo, it works 60% of the time - everytime.

So, I'm just curious if everyone else has had similar experiences with this phone - and I'm curious to know what phone you use that has email capabilities as this one does but doesn't make you regret spending $500 everytime you get a call.....or a new voicemail.

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