Thursday, August 10, 2006

Garden Massacre

When I was young (probably about 5 years old) my brother and I were outside playing in my great grandpa's garden. As he worked the dirt with his hoe, he suddenly stopped and called us over, "Come here boys!" We ran over and saw a small snake - it was the first time I had ever seen a snake and I was pretty excited. Both my brother and I fearlessly crouched down to get a good look at it. As we were mesmerized by the incredible creature, the hoe suddenly came down and chopped its head off followed by, "Those are bad for grandpa's garden". It was fairly traumatizing and playing in the garden wasn't so special after that. Thanks grandpa.


Ruth said...

Too funny...though I'm sure that for a five year old the experience was truly, deeply, mentally scarring.

Chad said...

Don’t feel too bad for him if my memory serves me correctly only a few years later it was his idea when we found a snake at school to stone it till it was stunned and then throw it on a red ant hill and see what happens.

It was in fact... interesting, but Toby has his own streak of great grandpa in him.

If you really want to get sick ask him about exploring a dead bunny carcass under his house.

ahh my "word verfication" is "avzhol" what is that all about?

what the!!! it just rejected that and is giving me "uzaphat", are you doing that Toby?

Ruth said...

Okay, Toby, what's this about a dead bunny carcass? (I have a feeling I just MIGHT regret asking this question...)

Chad said...

Apparently, Toby is not going to brag here so I will. He just passed his test for Real Estate "class" and Tuesday he is taking the certification test/boards. Congrats Toby who I am sure will pass his boards as well, but is not likely going to update this site till he does. :)

Feel free to send money, gifts, dead animals or trash for his trash sculptures.

Ruth said...

Yeesh Toby. THANK YOU, CHAD.

The dead animals/trash gift thing is really quite a brilliant idea.