Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things are heatin up - inside and outside

Aaahh, the sights and sounds of Spring are here. Just the other day, I saw two bunnies riding eachother like the nickel-pony at the grocery store. After researching what I saw, I learned that a female rabbit is called a doe, a male rabbit is called a buck.
Very interesting.
Anyway, now that it's getting hot (I'm talking about the weather now, not the bunny love), I decided I needed another fan for my house. You see, only about 40% of homes in my city have A/C. Usually, our weather isn't unbearable and you can stay cool by simply opening the windows. Yeah, whatever. So, I went to the Sharper Image and picked up the Unbreakable Fan. It brags on the box that it's shatter proof. Is this really a serious problem that consumers are facing - their fans shattering? I couldn't say that's ever crossed my mind. I've seen lots of things in my life (like bunnies mating) but I've never seen a fan shatter....hmmm...Thankfully, I've side-stepped that landmine with my new purchase.
Yeah, this blog really wasn't about anything. I just wanted you to know I'm still alive.


earmom23 said...

it must be for those of us who have children that like to pull box fans out of windows and jump on them because it makes a funny noise. And it makes their moms scream and yell and run really fast across the room at the kid.

Ruth said...

It's really nice how you're getting more in tune with nature and all that. Have you taken to watching Discovery Channel animal specials in your spare time? :)
That was one thing that REALLY bothered me about CO when I went out there last year. NO AIR CONDITIONING. I like artic temperatures, you know? This "opening windows" when it's HOT outside is really a foreign concept to me (I typically define hot as anything over 75 degrees).
I hope your fan doesn't shatter. However if it does that should make for an interesting blog. :P

Chad said...

I saw this game and thought of you