Monday, May 11, 2015

New server job at local gastropub in Seattle

Well, I found myself a job. I haven't worked since I left CBA in November and it's been a good time for me to figure out what's next, travel and relax. But all good things must come to an end.
I've been looking for a server/waiter job and they're actually pretty tough to find here in Seattle. Mostly, because they all want you to have 1+ year of experience and I haven't worked in a restaurant since college (yes, I was Chuck E Cheese for those of you who didn't know. That's another story - here are 4 posts of mine that will shed a little light on this amazing experience). Other than Chuck E Cheese I worked at Chick-Fil-A and Cracker Barrel in high school and college, for about 3 years total between the jobs.
I'm now a server at Traveler Montlake
Anyway, I found a restaurant about 5 minute drive from my apartment and they were willing to hire an inexperienced server and train me up. I went in for a "working interview" and when the bartender suddenly got sick and went home, it was just me and the manager serving the entire restaurant. She told me I could go home, but I asked if I could stay and help and it was a good thing. We were totally slammed and I got to do just about everything: pour beer, run food, learn the restaurant POS system very quickly and more. By the end of the night, she appreciated what I did so much and saw the fact that I picked up on things quickly, was good with the customers, and had good common sense she offered me the job. The restaurant is called Traveler Montlake, a gastropub located in guessed it...Montlake, an area of Seattle.
Traveler Montlake fireplace at the back of the restaurant
It's about a year old, and make the Thrillist list of Seattle's Best New Restaurants.
So here's the weird thing about Washington State: all servers are required to take a course and get a food handlers card, plus their MAST certification (Mandatory Alcohol Server Training). Eight hours later of online training and useless information like where warning signs need to be posted in a restaurant, I now have both permits (oh, and $30 in fees). I've heard the theory that since there's no income tax in Washington, this is a way for the state to bring in additional money, but regardless, some of the training was helpful especially for someone who hasn't been in the restaurant business for a while.
I'll be working there Wednesday and Friday nights (they're only open from 4pm - midnight) and hopefully pick up some additional shifts in between. It should be a good change- I was in much need of a self-esteem boost and motivation to do something. So, thanks to all those who prayed and had best wishes for me finding a job. I'll keep you posted!

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