Sunday, March 10, 2013

As most of you know if you read my blog posts, I'm an improv actor. During a show, we end our improv games with a bell or whistle.  After a show one night, I still had my whistle on me and I joined some friends to go out afterward. 

At first, I was annoyed that I still had my whistle in my pocket so I figured I should put it to good use. I began blowing the whistle at my friends in public places (specifically the bar we chose that night). The girls spent too long in the bathroom and made us wait - whistle blow.  Someone spilled a little of their drink - party foul. The driver didn't completely stop for a stop sign - traffic infraction.  Yeah, I just kept blowing it all night long and then calling the penalty. Perhaps I should have been a referee.

Anyway, I know it sounds annoying, but it was.  Actually, everyone was laughing and it made for a fun night.

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