Friday, January 29, 2010

Drunk Napping at McDonalds

With the recent string of robberies at Subway and other sandwich shops, seems like McDonald's would be a good, safer option for families. Instead, in was the scene of another proud moment in a Colorado Springs parents' life. Colorado Springs Police found a man passed out in the play area at a local McDonald's while his kids were playing. When police showed up to arrest him, he kicked an officer in the face and then told the kids to "bite their [police] faces off".

Let's consider a few things:

First of all, who says to themselves, "I'm pretty drunk and need to pass out. I think I'll take the kids to Mc D's and cuddle up in the urine saturated ball pit."

Secondly, what kind of dental setup do these children have? Fangs? Who instructs their children to bite someone's face off?

Finally, who goes to McDonalds at all?

The incident ended when the man was tazed (hmmmm...sounds strangely similar to a recent Chuck E Cheese tazer incident) and taken into custody.

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