Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Theater Troupe Colorado Springs

If you're local to Colorado Springs or you feel like taking a road trip, come see the Stick Horses in Pants v.s. the R.I.P on June 6 & 7th. These two local improv groups will go head-to-head, competing against each other to claim the title "Best Improv Group in Colorado Springs." Of course, the Stick Horses have already won the title "Best Theater Troupe" according to the Gazette newspaper "Best of Awards for 2008" but they're willing to let R.I.P get a little publicity as well. The shows start at 8:00pm each night, June 6th and June 7th. Similar to Comedy Sports or Who's Line is it Anyway, this show will be audience suggestion improv and an opportunity for you to laugh outloud and impress a date with a fun event. Please support the arts and improv in Colorado Springs by attending this event. Your support (and laughter) help us grow the arts and entertainment in Colorado Springs.

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CJ Adams said...

I'm disappointed to see you've now started accepting advertising on your site. My Tivo can't help me this time!